Monday, April 4, 2011

Shaolin Kids Reunited

During the 90's I used to couch commando with the people in our house and change the channel to Star Mandarin and hoping that they will show these two Shaolin Kids which I grew up watching. Remember the fat cute shaolin kid and his brother the one that does the kung-fu???

Ever wonder how they are doing today??? LOL ME TOO!!! They're about my age. They're both 22. Cute kids.


So the elder one, the kung-fu kid is Ashton Chen or Shi Xiao Long, and he's still in the business. Doing good and looking great. He's in Taiwan and still doing martial art roles.They're so popular that this kid was invited by Regal Films here in the Philippines to do a movie with Vic Sotto. They even sang "butchikik". lol.

And the more adorable one is Kuk Sio Man or Hao Shao Wen. He isn't doing any films anymore and decided to study after the Shaolin series.  But HE IS THE MOST adorable thing in my childhood.

So I know this is late, but during 2009 they were both reunited in this one TV Show. I don't know if it's in Taiwan or Hong Kong. I'm just not sure. But it's really fun to watch these kids being reunited once again. Watching them for years was just a pure blast of childhood fun. Personally I liked the one with Takeshi Kaneshiro. They went to Hawaii I think. It's really cute. There was this one scene when they painted the fat kid's "ding dong" to look like an elephant's trunk. IN BLUE. lol.

You can watch the whole interview here...


  1. wah... i miss the both cute kids. wanna see their action again. the cute boy becomes handsome guy.i like it>.<

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  3. oh my god !!! your post seriously made my day !!! wow !!

  4. i love these two little boys!!!

  5. Ilike there MOvie .. I wish they can make again a Movie about Kung Fu ^^ GodBlessed u all

  6. Where can i download Shaolin Kids please!?

  7. i really love this two kids..actually i have a complete series of their movies hehehe......

  8. Feels so nostalgic.Thanks for your post.

  9. I stumbled upon this blog upon searching "Shaolin Kids". Kasi yun ang naaalala kong title na ginawa nila nung pinalabas yan dito sa Pinas. Anyway, nostalgic talaga. Ngayon naghahanap ako kung san ko mapapanood ang Zhong Guo long or Enteng and The Shaolin Kid. :->

  10. that was my childhood too!

  11. i love Shi Shao Long and HAO SHAO WEN :)

  12. Love them so much!!! I used watched them till late night(the chinese movie will be shown every friday night, so I got excuse to stay up until the movie end because the school closed on Saturday and Sunday.) Glad to know they turned out to be good kids.^^

  13. I searched Shaolin Kid and click on the images coz i really don't know the names of these kids. I have like Shaolin Kid,,, i want to rewatch the Shaolin Kid‼►, whose ability of that kid can catch a fish by fast walking on the water,,, and now i know his name,, Ashton Chen or Shi Xiao Long

  14. aww, the most awesome kid and the most adorable kid in my life..ehhe..i rally love them since I was a kid...

  15. What's the real name of the fat girl? How does she looks now?